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General Information

Northwest A&F University Education Foundation (USA)

Northwest A&F University Educational Foundation (USA) is a public welfare no-profit foundation registered in USA by alumni of Northwest A&F University. The foundation conducts fund raising and charity activities in USA within the USA legal system. The foundation accepts donations from all circles, the fund is used for education, scientific research, personnel training of Northwest A&F University, academic exchange and social charity of China and USA. The foundation mainly gives strong support to the education and social charity, support the Northwest A&F University and the university from USA to educate outstanding scientists and leaders, and also support the Northwest A&F University to construct world-class agriculture university. The foundation serves as a bridge between donors from all circles and the university, actively providing social services to gain more donations. Many a little makes mickle. The fund coming from all corners of the world definitely makes a great contribution to progress of science and technology and social charity.

Public welfare projects:
1. For training world promising agricultural scholars, the foundation may set up▲▲fund for outstanding agricultural scholars, ▲▲fund for leaders in agriculture sector, ▲▲fund for scholars actively involving in international cooperation.

2. For eco-environmental protection, the foundation may establish▲▲Sino-US Eco-environmental Protection Research Center, and set up▲▲fund for Global eco-environmental protection research and▲▲fund for scholar training.

3. For Sino-US sustainable development in forestry, the foundation may establish▲▲ Wood Science Research Institute, and set up▲▲fund for wood science international scholars training and▲▲fund for wood science research.

4. For world food safety, the foundation may set up▲▲fund for food safety research and▲▲fund for food safety scholars training based on “Sino-US Food Safety Research Center of Northwest A&F University”.

5. For the development needs of 21 institutes, set up▲▲fund for institute education development.

6. For student education, the foundation may set up▲▲Endeavor scholarship. 

Note: ▲▲ named by the donors.

Warmly welcome the community support !

Foundation’s account number in the United States North Carolina is Bank of America 237030736528.                  .
Foundation’s federal tax identification number is 81-3164676.


Mr. Jinmy Lee Tel: 3369064103
Mr. Yujia Wu Tel: 7047470839
Mr. Jian Wu Tel: 2066516588
Mr. Wanxing Wu Tel: +86-13709229069

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